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Brain Balance of Oakland County

Brain Balance of Oakland County


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About Us

The Brain Balance Program offers a comprehensive, drug-free option that goes beyond the more traditional, mainstream approaches you may have tried before to help your child get to the root of their challenges instead of masking them.

How Does it Work?
When kids struggle with focus, behavior or sensory processing, it can be linked to weak connections across different regions in the brain.1 But the good news is, we know that the brain and behaviors can change when we strengthen and build new brain connections.2

The Brain Balance program is specifically designed to strengthen and build brain connectivity with a unique combination of physical, sensory, and cognitive activities. When you work these brain functions together, different networks in the brain fire together. Over time, this changes the speed and efficiency in the brain’s communication pathways.

These new, efficient and effective connections in the brain lead to improvements in our executive functioning and our ability to complete cognitive tasks, such as:

Cognitive Tasks





Executive Functioning
How we manage:

Behaviors & Emotions



Problem Solving

When these skills and functions improve, a child may feel improved confidence and be better equipped to engage and thrive in the world around them.

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Mrs. Carrie Odrobina
Executive Director
Kelly Roberts
Program Director

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