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Rochester Hills Public Library

Rochester Hills Public Library


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Rochester Hills Public Library (RHPL) provides life-long learning opportunities, instills a love of reading, and offers equal access to information. The library serves as a community town square, where visitors enjoy innovative ways to learn and socialize through a variety of programs, including an annual summer reading challenge, parent-child workshops, and weekly lectures. The library’s expansive and user-friendly database system allows cardholders to utilize ebooks, movies, and music downloads, language and genealogy services, and consumer reports from the comfort of their home at no cost.

Rochester Hills Public Library is located in the City of Rochester and equally serves the residents of Rochester, Rochester Hills, and Oakland Township. While the library has always been located in downtown Rochester, it has a dedicated millage from the voters in Rochester Hills, an auto-renewing contract with the City of Rochester, and Oakland Township has its own library board that contracts with RHPL.

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