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Rochester Pollinators

Rochester Pollinators


Non-Profit Organization

About Us

Our mission is to provide education & resources to preserve the Monarch butterfly & pollinator population, by reintroducing Michigan native plants into local landscapes including home gardens, businesses and municipal landscapes, we can help our local pollinators flourish!

We can save our pollinators all Year Round!

This is an ecologically solvable problem that you can remedy in your own backyard. All you need to do is plant a pollinator garden with Michigan native plants and restore the natural habitat for all of our wildlife. Because the plants are native to Michigan, they grow back each year, they don't need pesticides and very little water once they are established.

The most effective way you can help is by planting a pollinator-friendly garden that has milkweed for the Monarchs to lay their eggs. There are many native plants that also nourish and are serve as host plants for other butterflies, bees, humming birds, and pollinators. Make sure you plant true Michigan native plants as that is the issue. Many non-natives don't have the nectar that our native pollinators need to survive.


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