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Unique Short Tree Design

Unique Short Tree Design


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About Us

Unique Short Tree Design is the furniture specialist for residential and commercial customers. We bring diverse backgrounds together to offer our customers expertise in 3D printing, laser, upholstering, caning, restoration, repair, refinishing, knitting, photography, training, textiles, and fabric. We can provide prototypes, fit-up and establish production design, and manufacture parts through the utilization of our craftsman skills and modern technology of our 3D printer and laser. In addition, we understand the management of furniture resources and provide a complete cradle-to-grave commercial asset management. We provide receiving, storage, delivery, inventory, asset change/repair, and recovery services to make sure that the process is the most sustainable for our customers. For items that are no longer viable, we provide recycling services for those items that are no longer functional. For items that are still usable but are no longer needed, we help to find the best use of those resources.

What sets us apart from others is our view of the circularity of furniture and home goods design. Our environments have become consumed with “flash furniture”, cheap and easy-to-make furniture without a plan on how to reduce environmental impact and increase ROI. We work with customers to help them understand the importance of eco-friendly choices and how improvements can impact their goods and services.

We are most proud of our brand because we utilize quality craftsmanship to help customers manage what their space looks like.


Library Chairs
Caning Availability
3D advance Manufacturing
Fabric Samples and swatches
Dentist Chair
Customer Benches
Dentist Office Furniture
Upholstery and Woodworking Classes
Steelcase redo

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