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Lori Asmer - September Ambassador of the Month!

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Ask Lori Asmer what she likes about her job as relationship banker at the Flagstar Bank branch, on Orion Road in Rochester, and she'll tell you, "everything."
An avowed "people" person, Lori loves being out in the community, being with family and friends and educating young and old about budgeting and finances.
"I never miss an opportunity to talk to young people about how much it costs to go to college," she said. "Sometimes they're tuned into the cost of tuition and books, but don't even think how much it costs to live away from home. Credit repair is something else I often counsel clients about. Finances are part of everyone's life, and they can make you or break you."
She said she likes working at Flagstar because it allows her to give the best possible service and craft the best solutions. 
As a member of the Rochester Regional Chamber of Commerce, she enrolled in Leadership Greater Rochester, an immersive leadership development program created by the Chamber's foundation. She said the support from Flagstar was "amazing," and the program helped her connect with people she never would have met and learn things about the community she never would have learned.
Lori has been on the job at Flagstar for five years, but it's not her only job. Her father was Manny Yasso owner of Manny's Liquor Shoppe in Rochester, where she works when her day at Flagstar is over.
"A lot of people know me as Manny's daughter," she said, "and that gives me a high standard to uphold no matter what I do. He was my rock."
As good as she is in her day job consulting with customers on financial matters, she's equally good in her night job as a beverage consultant. Both jobs, she said, involve finding the right solutions for her customers.
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