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Rewriting the Narrative

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Rewriting the Narrative

Have you been telling yourself “I can’t help?”

After attending my online church service, I certainly caught myself saying this in frustration. My Pastor shared a passionate plea to support our local medical community by donating critical equipment. To my frustration, I don’t even have these items lying around my house, things like: N-95 masks, ventilators, sanitizer, or disposable (non-latex) gloves. View list of essential items to donate.

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted every sphere of life and you may think, “I am only one person, what good can I do?” For me, after some “stinking thinking,” I realized there are many ways I can help using my social media networks, concern for others, and the resources I do have.

I called my friend who works in the mental health industry and together we hashed out a list of ways to support our community.

Before you read the list, take a few moments to flip the script you’re telling yourself. What limiting beliefs do you have? Write them out then determine if these thoughts are true. When you’re ready, retrain your brain by reading the following list.

  • I can help by staying home.
  • I can help by setting a good example for other and staying inside.
  • I can help by practicing self-care and work on my own health.
  • I can help by being kind.
  • I can help by sharing good news.
  • I can help by donating blood.
  • I can help by purchasing gift cards.
  • I can help by only purchasing grocery items I need (some people can only afford groceries weekly, so take only what you need to reduce shortages). 
  • I can help by using my spare time productively – (learn a new language, write encouraging letters, sew/knit baby hats, etc. Just because you’re quarantined, doesn’t mean there aren’t other needs out there).
  • I can help by donating money to charities.
  • I can help by sharing mental health resources.
  • I can help by supporting local businesses through their online stores or order takeout. 
  • I can help by checking on my elderly neighbors.
  • I can help by donating non-perishable food to local food pantries. 
  • I can help by posting a heart for healthcare workers in my window.
  • I can help by placing a teddy bear in my window to cheer up neighborhood children.
  • I can help by calling an extroverted friend.
  • I can help by writing positive messages in chalk on sidewalks.
  • I can help by being available to emotionally support the healthcare workers, medical professionals, and emergency first responders in my life.
  • I can help by sharing HOPE.

There are many things we can do from the comfort and safety of our homes to support our community. I challenge you to accomplish as many items on my list and create your own. Comment with any other ideas you have about supporting our entire community through the COVID-19 pandemic. Commit to sharing hope.

And remember…

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” Aesop
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