Why Your Business Should Partner With a Non Profit

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Partnering with a nonprofit can be highly beneficial for your business. We are looking for businesses that currently have, or are looking to get involved in nonprofit fundraisers and events. If  you are considering getting involved with nonprofits, here are some reasons of how it would be valuable to you.
TopNonprofits.com posted a great article stating the benefits for a company to partner with a nonprofit. Amy DeVita is the author of the article “10 Benefits That ONLY Nonprofits Can Bring to Partnership”.
The top 10 benefits for the for-profit partner are:
  1. Increase sales of products or services
  2. Increase employee engagement, morale and retention
  3. Increase customer and brand loyalty
  4. Draw media attention and coverage for free
  5. Provide a motivating purpose for their company and employees
  6. Increase shareholder return
  7. Increase employee skill development, team building, leadership
  8. Attract new business partners and relationships
  9. Generate recognition for the good they create in society
  10. Receive a tax donation for contributions. 
The few that we think are most valuable and important to your company are that it will increase employee leadership and team building. By simply sending some volunteers from your business to help out, they will come back knowing more than they left. In any volunteer opportunity you will learn something new and have a new perspective on things. The second thing we like is that it generates recognition for your company. When you host a fundraiser or event for a nonprofit and help out in any way, it creates a good name for your business. You get to help out the community and create a good name for yourself. It can also lead you into new relationships that you didn’t think you could ever have.
Partnering with the right nonprofit can bring your company to the next level. For example; if you are a business that works with animals, then maybe partnering with a nonprofit that is focused on animals is right for your business. Finding the right nonprofit for you and your company can be tricky, but with our help you can get involved now! There is a google form that you can fill out to get you started with finding a nonprofit to work with. The ENews letter will also have more information on how you can get involved!
DeVita, Amy. “10 Benefits That ONLY Nonprofits Can Bring to Partnership.” Top Nonprofits, topnonprofits.com/10-benefits-nonprofits-can-bring-partnership/.
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