PCN #12

Kate DiLiddo
The Athena Financial Group
Partner & Vice President
Arlene Zocco
High Noon Promotions
Diane Glinski
CC Maciejewski
Simple Home Lending, LLC
Loan Officer Assistant
Michele Rogers
Cruise Planners
Jacquelyn Gutc
Magpie Media

It’s so thrilling to feel the spark of that aha moment when I craft a mission statement that hits the mark or copy for marketing collateral that makes a splash but also makes a point with a strong call-to-action or draft a blog post that’s informative but colorful. 

I’m excited to help businesses and nonprofits find the best marketing avenues and verbiage to share the information they want to share with the people they want to share it with and for their audiences to see why they are better than the rest.

My background includes a bachelor’s degree in journalism from OU, four years as an editor and reporter at The Oakland Press, and nearly a decade in marketing and PR.

After a few years each in Massachusetts and Colorado, I’m excited to be home in Michigan and to be a part of this vibrant community.

Bethany Perry
Innersource Health & Wellness
Transformational Weight Loss Coach

Bethany Perry's unique approach to weight loss will have you comfortable in your closet, without dieting! She has dedicated over 20 years of her life's work to helping woman heal their emotional addiction to food and overeating.  

A Brain Life Practitioner affiliated with the Amen Clinics, Transformational Intuitive Coaching & Speaker. Bethany's powerful anti-aging weight loss method will change the way you approach weight loss forever!  


Christina Strickland
Charles Strickland
Jessica Zielke
Stewart Team Real Estate Partners
Lisa Swiftney
LS Publications/Stoney Creek Living
I help businesses get in front of the higher end homeowners in Rochester, MI. Our company grew over 400% last year. We have the formula to get your compay results.