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PCN #7

Dave Bann
Leader Dogs for the Blind
Mike Bashore
State Farm - Mike Bashore Insurance Agency
Andrew Blain
Next Level Consultants LLC
Business Consultant
We teach our clients how think on their feet, and give them the skills that they need to create sound ideas and solutions that build great businesses.  
We provide a unique blend of business strategy, business development skills and business common sense.  First, we help our client identify their strengths and look for the areas that most need improvement.  It starts with the foundation, the core value, and what their vision is for the business.  We then help our clients to develop a clear, consistent message of what value they bring to their clients and customers.  The process then moves to guide the client to develop a strategy that can be measured and replicated, Throughout the process we teach sensible skills that build strong businesses.  With proper development, they become more confident, more focused and more successful.
James Blundo
Michigan Mental Health Counselors Association
Dawn Burdick
PCN Co-Chair
Titleocity, LLC
Client Advocate
Dedicated and energetic professional with over 25 years of marketing communications experience in several business environments. Proven track record in successful brand management and client service. Self-directed, people oriented, team player with the ability to deliver clear and accurate marketing solutions.
Patric Celani
Neighborhood House
Business Managedr
Jordan Gust
The Benefits Group
Jordan Gust has been a Benefits Group Broker since January of 2018. His clients range from 3 employees to 250. He believes in innovation, creativity, customer service and understanding, and timeliness.

“My philosophy has always been to take a teaching approach first. Understanding benefits isn’t always easy, and what good is a creative benefits package if you don’t understand it? I pride myself on being always available to answer any questions and relieve stress in any way that I can!”
Michelle McRee
McRee Law, PLLC

Attorney Michelle D. Mcree graduated from The Thomas M. Cooley Law School in 2013. After graduation, she was an associate at the prestigious law firm of Sommers Schwartz, PC, where she litigated medical malpractice cases. Five years into her career, Michelle changed law firms and shifted her practice area to probate litigation, where she witnessed first-hand what can happen to families when estate plans fail. Shocked by what she saw in our probate courts, Michelle started her own firm to concentrate on estate planning because she is passionate about helping families, especially those with young children, create happy and secure futures. All of that being said, as important as it is to her being an attorney and a trusted advisor for her clients, Michelle’s most important roles are being a wife and the proud mother of her daughter, Kendall.

Michael Stephens
Stephen Cooley
Stephen Cooley, J.D. PLLC
Attorney at Law
Marie Jakubiak-Wright
Marie A. Jakubiak & Associates, PC
Caron Koteles Riha
Caron Koteles Riha - Real Estate One
David LeBay
PNC Bank
Ryan Rozwadowski
Account Executive
Joseph Fioroni
Merrill Lynch - Kyle Johnson
SVP Wealth Management Advisor
Suzan Stojanovski
Capital Lending, Inc.

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