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Breathe Live Thrive (Formerly P3 Physiotherapy)

Breathe Live Thrive (Formerly P3 Physiotherapy)


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Mind and Body Coaching.

I am a physical therapist by education, and a Mind and Body Coach by experience. I have spent a lifetime developing tools to help me overcome whatever I have encountered in life. I want to share these tools of understanding like that pain is a good thing and absolutely necessary for health. Breathing through your nose is the only way to breathe. You should always be leanin' forward. I have a lot of information and you can setup a consult with me anytime. a 15 minute consultation is free and you'll learn how we can help

''I want to help you achieve your goals and go on more amazing adventures than you think are possible. I want you to be able to play with your kids, excel at work, perform better, and just be better than you are now. I’ll save you time and I am clear about how much money I cost. Setup your free consultation and I’ll detail how we can accomplish your goals.'' – Dr. Brian


Cold exposure is an amazing tool to get our of your comfort zone and become a stronger version of yourself
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