PCN #4

Ronald Freeman
AC Financial Group - Healthcare, Life Insurance, Disability and Income Replacement Programs
Area Vice President
Born and raised in the greater Detroit area, I am joyfully married to a wonderful women, partner, friend and mother of two healthy, handsome sons.
Professionally I come from 18 years as a restaurateur beginning age 12, followed by 10 years in automotive, and in 2005 certified as a federally licensed health, life and disability advisor and field underwriter.
At AC Financial our focus is quite simple:  Eliminate financial chaos during and after life’s unforeseen events, providing options through dozens of 100+ year established, A-Rated medical, life, disability and income replacement carriers, covering every probable potential loss of income.
Iftikhar Hussain
Integrated Chiropractic, Inc.
Dr. Iftikhar is an active member of the Michigan Association of Chiropractic and International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA), as well as the Michigan Board of Chiropractic.

Dr. Iftikhar has dedicated his life to the health and well being of his family, friends and community. He began this mission as a physical therapist for over 6 years, where he owned and operated successful offices in the Detroit metro area. Dr.Iftikhar quickly came to the realization that he was limited by his profession in being able to offer complete and diverse care. In 2005, Dr. Iftikhar went back to school in pursuit of a Chiropractic approach to healthcare.

After graduating in 2009 he has since spent his time serving the community and broadening his perspective within his field. With the recent diagnosis of Autism in his 3yr old son, Dr.Iftikhar has become a part of the International chiropractic pediatric association where he plans to achieve diplomacy in pediatric neurology.

Jerry Sowik
Synergy Home Care of Rochester
Dan Platz
Five Star Connection
Chad Blackstone
McLellan Financial Mortgage
Loan Officer
Amanda Coffman
Dream Dinners
Business Development Coordinator
Hi I'm Amanda Coffman, mother of two little ones and a strong believer in Dream Dinners and what Dream Dinners can do for you.
David McCall
Mentalist Entertainer David Powers
Dominic Recchia
Mattina, Kent & Gibbons, P.C.
Eric Terrien
Michigan Insurance Network Agency
Michael Cosman
Keller Williams Michael Cosman
Julie Lobaza
Rochester Wealth Strategies
Operations Manager